Radiant Skin At Any Age

Why Buy

Five Great Reasons Why Absolute Miracle®Cream works.

  1. Four Different Collegen Building Peptides
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    We use 15% active ingredients in our formulas and four different peptides. Other products frequently contain only 1% active ingredients. What does this mean for you? It’s simple really: More active ingredients, more results! The thing is, certain peptides actually build collagen and collagen is what fills in those nasty lines and wrinkles. Other peptides have anti-inflamatory properties, as well as helping to increase hyaluronic acid production in the skin which is what helps the skin to retain more moisture and intensify hydration as well as helping to build skin thickness.

  2. Free of Parabens & Sulfates
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    Our products are free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oils (a petroleum by product – Bad!), artificial fragrance and colors. We believe a great product depends on 2 things: what we put in the product and even more important, what we leave out.

    We use only the finest natural ingredients available.

  3. Animal Cruelty-Free
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    We never test on animals, as it is unnecessary cruelty. We also do not use animal ingredients. If you'd like to further investigate your products, Check out www.caringconsumer.com

  4. Professional Strength Formula
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    The strength and dosage of active ingredients in this type of skin care product have previously been only available in a Professional Salon or through a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon's Office. Now with Absolute Miracle®, we make them available to you directly!

  5. Results in just 6 Weeks
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    With our powerful blend of active ingredients, we guarantee you will see visible results in just 6 short weeks. And with continued use, you will continue to see more improvement!

  6. Simple To Use
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    Who has ten minutes in the morning and night to take care of their skin? For that matter who has 5 minutes or even three minutes? In just two minutes morning and night, we’ll take beautiful care of your skin! We’re not kidding when we say radiant skin at any age and best of all, it just takes two minutes!

Powerful Peptides Earth-Friendly Peta - Animal Cruelty-Free

Thanks for a pain free alternative for wrinkles! I LOVE it!

L.D. Coronado, CA

. . .A friend recommended Absolute Miracle®Cream to me and it is the BEST wrinkle cream! I love the way my skin looks and feels. My husband has even noticed the change in my skin! Thank you!!

- M. D. Palm Springs, CA